Above and Beyond


Charming Two-Story & Suite Home

As our first new build under the brand SUMMIT Construction, this 3000 sq/ft two-story home is making our team quite proud. This construction has reached Step 4 according to the BC Energy Step Code with 1.18 ACH. It features a main 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms unit, and a garage with a one-bedroom suite on top.

Basic Canadian Home

​Located in Southside area of Revelstoke, this 3-bedrooms and 2-bathroom unit has reached 0.8 ACH for a total cost under $400K. This build took 5 months to completion. The innovative construction details developed by Simon Gagnon, Owner & General Contractor allows SUMMIT Construction to build very high-efficiency homes within reasonable price-range.

1121 First Street V2-5_1200x800.jpg

Wood & Craftsmanship

1121 First Street 13_1200x800.jpg
1218 Third Street W FINAL 24.jpg

Gorgeous Home Remodel

Interior Improvement

243 Viers FINAL 8_1200x800.jpg
343 Pearkes Drive FINAL-14_1200x800.jpg
Wright St_1200x800_1.jpg

Remodel of Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom

Remodel and Renovation of Kitchen and Living Spaces

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