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Charming Two-Story Home & Suite

Our first new build as SUMMIT Construction, this 3,000 sqft two-story home reached Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code. It features a main home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and a garage with a 1-bedroom suite on top.

Basic Canadian Home

Located in the Southside area of Revelstoke, this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home took 5 months to complete. This home achieved excellent airtightness and efficiency ratings and came in under $400K. The innovative construction methods developed by Simon Gagnon, Owner & General Contractor, allows SUMMIT Construction to build highly energy-efficient homes within a competitive price-range.

1121 First Street V2-5_1200x800.jpg

Wood & Craftsmanship

This major renovation project was completed by SUMMIT Construction, including all the interior finishing and detailed timber work. This home feels fresh and new after renovations to the kitchen, dining and living areas, stairs, and bedrooms.

Interior Finishing

Along with renovating the main house, SUMMIT Construction completed a 2-story suite addition to this existing First St home. This light and spacious suite provides an additional 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom residence.

1121 First Street 13_1200x800.jpg
1218 Third Street W FINAL 24.jpg

Gorgeous Home Remodel

A complete transformation of this century-old house into a modern home, whilst maintaining its charm. Full renovations to this house included the kitchen, living room, stairs, bathrooms, laundry, and bedrooms.

Interior Improvement

In 5 months, SUMMIT Construction turned a run down property into this classic, simple, and comfortable home. With a focus on the areas that make the biggest difference – insulation, heating, plumbing, electrical and interior finishing – we delivered beautiful, efficient results, within budget.

243 Viers FINAL 8_1200x800.jpg
343 Pearkes Drive FINAL-14_1200x800.jpg

Bathroom Renovation

A smaller renovation project for these two bathrooms, providing redesigned layouts and all-new finishing to create a more spacious and brighter feel. All projects by SUMMIT Construction, regardless of their size, receive the same dedication to quality.

Kitchen Remodel

This full kitchen renovation was completed by SUMMIT Construction within 6 weeks. It included removing a dividing wall to open the kitchen space, replacing the flooring and all interior finishing, such as trim and backsplash.

Wright St_1200x800_1.jpg

Original and Creative Renovation

SUMMIT Construction worked closely with the client on this creative and original renovation. This project included re-framing, re-insulating, changing the windows, making the built-in TV unit, re-doing the kitchen, and all the interior finishing.

Beautiful Home Renovation

This home was beautifully renovated by SUMMIT Construction to give it a new kitchen, redesigned living spaces, and a home-gym area. This project also featured two fully custom barn doors.

121 Colbeck Rd FINALS-21.jpg

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