Revelstoke Based Licensed Home Builder: SUMMIT Construction

Updated: Feb 8

Based in Revelstoke and operating under the brand SUMMIT Construction since February 2018, Revelstoke Summit Construction Inc. is a BC Housing licensed home builder.

At SUMMIT Construction we aim to provide the community of Revelstoke with well-designed, high-quality, high-efficiency, yet affordable homes allowing our clients to combine their mountain lifestyle with day-to-day comfort and happiness.

What makes us so special, is our dedication: we focus on few projects at a time, and build around people's budget, capacities and needs. The owner Simon Gagnon, is a creative thinker, in terms of design of course, but also in terms of solution finding. Our team is responsive, available and reliable. We have completed our previous custom home projects in 5 to 8 months, reaching Step 4 based on the BC Energy Step Code. Our last build was tested with a 0.80 ACH @ 50 Pa.

As a local business, we are proud to be anchored in the community, supplying locally as much as possible and supporting local trades and businesses. We have developed trustworthy relationship with local suppliers over the years, and towards us, they became as reliable as we are, delivering their part of the scope on time, on budget and according to our high-quality standards.

SUMMIT Construction offers custom home building services. From assisting with plans drawing to interior finishing we provide and all-inclusive service. We manage all trades, including engineers when required, city inspection, etc. and work closely with our clients helping with selection, to insure choices fit the home, design and budget. All our new builds are covered under the Pacific Home Warranty. And of course, we remain highly responsive at post-construction stage for any questions or inquiries.

SUMMIT Construction also offers interior and exterior renovation. From kitchen renovation, to entire home remodel, we have the team, skills set and dedication to perform high-quality work in a timely manner and within budget.



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