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Hay Rd

Arrow Heights, Revelstoke

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New Build in Arrow Heights, Revelstoke

This new home in Arrow Heights was custom designed by Monashee Drafting and Design and built by SUMMIT Construction in close collaboration with the architect and client to meet the lifestyle needs and wants of the client. Like many SUMMIT Construction homes, this project was built to Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code for home efficiency. But this project is special for a few other reasons as well.


This home was designed with the owner in mind and built to suit their needs, even as they may change in the years to come. The home has a minimal doorstep, making it easy to step in and out of, or add a small ramp to in the future if need be. The doorways of this home were built a bit wider, and the main bathroom features a bathtub with a 2-in-1 hand faucet to make bathing easier.


In addition to being quite efficient in design, the home also features beautiful wood elements that were sourced right from the property to make way for construction of the home. The cedar siding used on the exterior of the home was milled locally by Take To Heart Contracting, while the birch windowsills were milled locally by Schills Woodworking.

Ensuring these elements were retained and used in the home, and manufactured by local trades, is a great example of sustainable homebuilding.

Photos by Olly Hogan

Architecture by Monashees Drafting & Design

Kitchen by Lortap Kitchen & Bath


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