Frequently Asked Questions


Where Should You Start?

All construction projects start with a good conversation. Send us your thoughts, ideas, or sketches. Let us know if you plan to build a new home, or what's the scale and size of your renovation idea. Make sure to include your property address, and any other important detail we could need to initiate that conversation together, including targeted timeline and budget.

Once our General Contractor have all the information, we offer free onsite consultation to discuss ideas and possibilities.

How Long Does it Take to Bring a New Build or Major Renovation Take to Completion?

This all depends on the complexity of the project. A new home build usually takes about 8-12 months from breaking ground to turning over the keys to you. Major renovations are usually about that same timeline, again depending on the scope.

What Kind of Warranty does SUMMIT Construction Offers?

At SUMMIT we use Pacific Home Warranty for new home builds.

1 Year - Materials and Labour Coverage

2 Year -  Mechanical Systems Coverage

5 Year - Building Envelope Coverage

10 Year - Structural Defect Coverage

Total Policy Limit Per Unit - $200,000

Additional Living Expense Coverage - up to $100/day